Healthy Delights!

When we think about ethnic foods, we don’t worry about carbs, calories, or fats. Instead, we think about savoring the delicious flavor we cannot resist.

But is there a way to be healthful and still enjoy a delicious meal?

ABSOLUTELY! is an inspiring blog I came across some time ago. With many Peruvian dishes and desserts to choose from – they’ll have your tastebuds sizzling!

One of my personal favorites from their dessert recipes has to be the Quinoa Pudding//Quinoa con Leche.

In many hispanic cultures, we have a rich dessert called Rice Pudding // Arroz con Leche! Yes, almost everyone makes rice pudding but the ingredients each person uses is what makes all the differences in the flavor.

Peru Delights are actually the first (for me) to use quinoa instead of rice. SMARTEST THING EVER! Quinoa has always been used as a healthier substitute for rice. Whenever someone wants to lost some weight and eat better (me), quinoa is involved but it’s not always a fun process. (Personally, not a fan of it at all)

BUT with Peru Delights’ recipe, you’re still have all the sweet of a regular rice pudding just without the rice. I think you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference – for some it tastes better than the original rice pudding! I did give me a whole new perspective about quinoa.

I’d definitely recommend making this over the weekend  or whenever you have spare time. It takes some time and care to prepare! You could find their recipe in the link listed below: 

– Peru Delights Images

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